Entertaining Parents in DC: Thanksgiving Edition

Image via TheGlitterGuide.com
Image via TheGlitterGuide.com

My parents are flying from California today to spend a week in DC. When my parents visit, I love showing them my favorite spots in DC. It gives them a chance to see why I love this city. Following is a loose itinerary for their week in DC.


My parents will probably be tired from the flight, so I want to keep the evening low-key. Wine and cheese at my place will give them a chance to check out my new apartment and catch-up with my roommate. After that,  big pots of steaming mussels will be the perfect dinner for a cold night. Can’t go wrong with Bistro La Bonne, B Too or St. Arnolds. And I know my dad will appreciate some delicious Belgium beer.


While I am at work, I will point my parents towards the wonderful coffee shops in the neighborhood. I don’t know how they will be able to choose between Filter, Peregrine Espresso and The Coffee Bar. Hopefully they will also have a chance to get a biscuit at BakeHouse (seriously, their biscuits are amazing). After that, they can walk over to The Philips Collection and spend the afternoon exploring the new Van Gogh exhibition at the gallery.

In the evening, we will head over to Etto for dinner with the boyfriend.  My favorite date spot, I always end up getting the same thing every time (pizza alla romana…capers, olive, anchovies, mozzarella, onion, tomatoes…SO GOOD). My parents will now see why I can’t stop talking about the place.


With the day off of work, my family will spend the day prepping for Thanksgiving. I plan on popping over to HomeRule at some point during the day. I have a feeling my mom will need some cooking equipment that my little kitchen doesn’t have.

Wednesday night we can grab drinks at Bar Pilar. Dads love Hemingway. I bet they love Hemingway bars even more.


Enjoying family and good food. That is all. And probably some sports, old Arrested Development and Flight of the Conchords episodes.


No shopping (well, maybe a little online shopping…). Fighting the Black Friday crowds makes me cringe. After a breakfast of pumpkin pie, we’ll head out and visit family and friends in Virginia.


I’ll be taking my parents to Alexandria. I know they will love the cobblestone streets and quaint houses, not to mention the delicious food. I’m thinking lunch at SocietyFair, The Majestic, or Virtue Feed & Grain. After that, we will check out some local boutiques and wander through the Torpedo Factory.

For their last night in the District, we’ll try a flight of sherry at Mockingbird Hill, make dinner at home and end the evening watching old movies.


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