National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Art & the Garry Winogrand Retrospective

National Gallery of Art
National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art is one of the first places I fell in love with in DC. When I moved here, I temped at an office in the morning and worked at a restaurant at night. I had an awkward gap in my day and it didn’t make sense to go back to my apartment. Instead, I went to the gallery. I spent my afternoons wandering through the collections, reading at the café, and browsing the gift shop. (Pro tip: check out the gift shop. They have an amazing selection of books and prints.) I also spent too much time admiring the walkway (pictured above) between the East and West wings.

I went to the gallery last weekend for the opening of the Garry Winogrand retrospective. I absolutely recommend checking it out. The exhibit will be traveling to New York, Paris and Madrid after its DC showing.

Here’s some more information about Winogrand from the National Gallery of Art,

“A renowned photographer of New York City and American life from the 1950s through the early 1980s, Garry Winogrand (1928–1984) worked with dazzling energy and a voracious appetite. He exposed more than 25,000 rolls of film but largely postponed the printing and editing of his photographs. In the first retrospective of his work in 25 years, some 160 photographs in the exhibition and more than 350 in the accompanying catalogue will reveal for the first time the full breadth of Winogrand’s art through never-before-seen prints and proof sheets.”

Below are a couple of my favorite shots.

Garry Winogrand
Garry Winogrand
Garry Winogrand
Garry Winogrand
Garry Winogrand
Garry Winogrand

The Winnogrand prints come from Masters of Photography and the National Gallery of Art.


Garry Winogrand Retrospective

West Building, Ground Floor

National Gallery of Art

March 2-June 8

Please visit the gallery’s website for more information.

If you missed the exhibit, visit Artsy’s Garry Winogrand page for up-to-date Winogrand exhibition listings, additional prints, and articles about the artist.


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