Sweet Paul: Eat & Make

Sweet Paul and Roasted Plums

Sweet Paul: Eat & Make
Sweet Paul: Eat & Make

My love of all things Sweet Paul was solidified this weekend when I attended a book signing and crafting event for the new Sweet Paul book. At the Anthropologie-hosted event, I was able to meet Paul Lowe, Sweet Paul himself, and Paul Vitale, his equally sweet marketing and business director. They were both so nice, as were all the event attendees. For the crafting portion of the morning, we made flowers out of  coffee filters. I appreciate that the philosophy behind Sweet Paul is basically that “perfection is boring,” because some of my flowers turned out a little wonky. Despite their flaws, they were very pretty.

After buying the book and bringing it home, I immediately wanted to make something. Since it was the weekend, I decided to make the roasted plum bellinis. First, you cut the plums in half, remove the pit, sprinkle with brown sugar and roast them in the over. After 15 minutes or so, take the plums out and puree them. Once the puree is cool, you can distribute it among champagne flutes and top with ice cold champagne or prosecco. I roasted extra plums so I could have lots of plum puree. I’ve been putting it on top of my Greek yogurt in the morning and over ice cream at night.

The next recipe I tackled was the pizza dough. I’ve made pizza dough from scratch a couple times, and the Sweet Paul recipe is my new favorite way to do it. Over the next week or so, I’ll share some of my favorite pizza recipes.

Thank you, Sweet Paul, for such a lovely event and a first rate book. Can’t wait to make and eat my way through it!

Sweet Paul Book Signing and Crafting Event
Sweet Paul, Me and the other (equally as sweet) Paul
Paper Flowers
Flowers Made Out of Coffee Filters
Prepping the Plums
Roasted Plums
Roasted Plums
They were kind enough to share a picture of the pizza I made! (BTW, I just started an Instagram account for the blog. Follow me @districtandmore)
They were kind enough to share a picture of the pizza I made!

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